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Dude, Don’t Cum In Her Mouth

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Pornography is fucking up male sexuality.

It’s not only fucking up men’s sexual health, it’s fucking up a lot of women’s appreciation for the natural beauty of sex, eroticism and lovemaking.

Now, there is such a thing as healthy pornography – shit that’s erotic and loving and respectful of human sensuality.

But most of what’s produced anymore is dangerous rubbish – and rather than stimulating and spurring sexuality, it’s demoting it. It’s the Viagrafication of arousal – a self-defeating loop of hardons that become harder to grow.

Why so much emphasis on cumming-in-her-mouth in pornography?

Dude, would you want another dude to cum in your mouth? If he said to you, “suck it, swallow it”, would you? Is that something you crave? Really??

That’s what you need to get off?

Feeling her skin, taking time enjoying her-as-her – her body, her attitude, her passion – that’s not enough for you?

What happened? Once you got off on the simple pleasure of the whole concept of woman.

Dude, think about how much more pleasure you could get from taking your time, allowing you and her to mingle in heat and thrill and reciprocal touch.

I’m not saying there aren’t chicks out there who are so gaga for their man that they want his cum deep inside as testiment to her adoration and love of him. Who am I to argue against and judge that? Unless…

…unless she believes it’s the right thing to do because that’s the message our culture of pornography sent her.

Do yourself a favor and get real about your sexuality.

Kiss her hard on the mouth. Don’t cum in it.



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